Sound of the Economy Fall 2018

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The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought many changes to the tax code. While the standard deduction was essentially doubled, the Act eliminated or reduced many popular itemized deductions. The deductibility of charitable donations, however, was left mostly unchanged.

From the PartnersBack in 2015, we embarked on a long-term strategic planning process to explore new opportunities for our clients and enhance our internal systems and processes. This process gave us an opportunity to define our purpose with a refreshed mission statement and create a roadmap for the future. The founding principles of trust, transparency, and integrity woven throughout our mission statement are the cornerstone of our business.

Looking at L-O-N-G term averages has a way of aligning volatile data into useful information. We found the table to the right to be a good exercise in comparing the past 5 years to the last 20 years. (For a bit of reference, 10 years ago we were in the eye of the storm both from a market meltdown and economic standpoint, and 20 years ago the tech bubble was heating up).

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We are a trusted investment advisor known for helping clients preserve their wealth and create peace of mind through active investment management, comprehensive and focused financial planning, and a tailored and coordinated service experience. We have served clients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and throughout the state and country since 1933.