Sound of the Economy Winter 2017

Our culture of philanthropy

The last few issues of Sound of the Economy have highlighted the way our strategic planning process is driving new and exciting opportunities for our clients. It’s important to note that this process is also validating many of our longstanding business principles—including our commitment to the local community.

Rigorous, inclusive and effective

The Investment Process

The majority of our competitors “outsource” the investment management function—meaning, they direct client dollars to outside managers, mutual funds and passive investment vehicles over which the firms have limited responsibility or control. We do things differently at Norris, Perné & French.

We take a completely active investment approach, identifying individual stocks and bonds for inclusion in client portfolios and building customized portfolios to meet our clients’ goals and priorities. We have developed a rigorous research and review process to support this, one that leverages our deep and diverse bench of expertise.

Joining the staff to serve you better

Elizabeth Poole

Heather Elve

Connor Sheehy

Jenna White

Step One

Step Two

We are a trusted investment advisor known for helping clients preserve their wealth and create peace of mind through active investment management, comprehensive and focused financial planning, and a tailored and coordinated service experience. We have served clients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and throughout the state and country since 1933.