Every Detail for Every Client

We help you preserve wealth and create peace of mind by customizing a strategy based on what you want to do with your money and your life – and when you want to do it. We do so by taking a team approach and focusing on three core areas to add value:

Active Investment Management

We determine asset allocation based on your expectations for return, risk tolerance/volatility, income needs, range of possible returns, time horizon, and tax considerations – and we take active approach to customize your portfolio to help optimize your after-tax wealth.

Comprehensive & Focused Planning

We believe clients at all levels of wealth need a plan for themselves and their families – from basic income and retirement, to advanced trusts and estates, to philanthropy. We take the time to understand your goals, design a customized blueprint, and align the best solutions.

Tailored & Coordinated Experience

We are 100% partner-owned and provide full access to our team. We act as your personal financial quarterback – focusing on every detail, partnering with your accountants, attorneys and other advisors, and monitoring and ensuring transparency at all times.

Importantly, we do it all with one transparent fee.



Step One

Step Two

We are a trusted investment advisor known for helping clients preserve their wealth and create peace of mind through active investment management, comprehensive and focused financial planning, and a tailored and coordinated service experience. We have served clients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and throughout the state and country since 1933.