Stock Selection

We believe that stocks—also referred to as equities—are the most effective means to build and preserve your wealth.

We strive to build stock portfolios that achieve long-term capital appreciation at a reasonable rate and protect investments against the rising and falling of economic cycles. This approach is rooted in the values of our clients, who favor stability and security over volatility and risk.

We focus on companies with market capitalizations of one billion dollars or more. A typical portfolio will have 30 to 40 stocks selected and managed using our proprietary investment process. We select stocks using the following tenets:

  • Solid earnings growth
  • Strong financial fundamentals
  • Superior management teams
  • Appropriate valuation
  • Improving investor demand

Long-Term Investing

Successful investing requires time and patience. Meaningful growth on a compound basis takes time. We don’t time the market; rather, we buy companies that we believe will outperform the market over a 3- to 5-year period.

Step One

Step Two

We are a trusted investment advisor known for helping clients preserve their wealth and create peace of mind through active investment management, comprehensive and focused financial planning, and a tailored and coordinated service experience. We have served clients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and throughout the state and country since 1933.