Building Wealth Begins With Building Trust

Our founders had a very clear vision for the way an investment firm should serve its clients. Their principles weren’t so different at the time, but they became increasingly rare as the years passed. Yet we continue to live them out every day.


We have to know who you really are and what you really want to provide the most effective service. So we listen, ask questions, and stay in touch—as often as you want us to.


We adhere to the Fiduciary Standard, the highest ethical standard in our industry. That requires us to provide counsel that is in your best interest, not ours.


We are an independent firm that does our own investment research and analysis in house. Our counsel is based on the specific needs and wants of our own clients, not a generic profile of nationwide investors.


We are a Registered Investment Advisor—a distinction that qualifies us as investment counsel. We also have multiple Chartered Financial Analysts on staff. This accreditation has been earned by fewer than 150,000 people on the planet.

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We are clear, open, and above-board about every aspect of our service, from the reasons we’re recommending an investment to the fees we charge.


We believe we have a responsibility to give back to the West Michigan community that has been integral to the success of our firm and so many of our clients. Learn more about how NPF gives back to the community.

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We are a trusted investment advisor known for helping clients preserve their wealth and create peace of mind through active investment management, comprehensive and focused financial planning, and a tailored and coordinated service experience. We have served clients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and throughout the state and country since 1933.